Facebook blocked my website URL


the problem of the blocked url on facebook has been solved

the worst thing is when you want to share your blog-post link on Facebook or you want to debug it in Sharing Debugger and you find one of these messages:

Could not scrape URL because it has been blocked.
This webpage contains a blocked URL.

or whatever how you find the message is , they all mean that Facebook blocked your URL or DOMAIN.

When did I have these problems?

I had these two problems when I moved to new domain. Before moving from the free domain of blogspot to the paid domain I did not have any problem like this.

Why I found this problem?

I think I faced this problem because new domains must be defined first on FaceBook before sharing its links (posts) on it because after I did the coming steps, everything became fine.

How can I unblock my URL or domain?

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager
  2. Create new account
  3. Go to Business setting 
  4. select Brand Safety then </> Domains 
  5. click on ADD to add new domain , write your domain then click Add Domain
  6. now put the code in the DNS of your domain as shown in the video below 
Now you should check the verify botton during the next 72 hours for verification and be patient for unblocking.